Windmill Massage Therapy

Rowena Gardiner

Soft Tissue Therapist BTEC Level 5

Medical Acupuncture and Dry Needling

Pain in your shoulder, lower back, hip? A niggling ache or old injury? Been to other therapists who have helped eased things but not got to the root of the problem?


I take a preventative approach, not just treating the painful area but looking at the bigger picture as to the cause, by assessing your posture and considering occupational factors which may be the root of the problem. Stretching shortened muscles and strengthening exercises for weak muscles will help regain balance in the body, through using a range of techniques; muscle energising technique, neuromuscular techniques, positional release techniques and soft tissue release.


Whether you are an athlete training for an event, a busy person juggling work and family life or just want a holistic therapy to improve your sense of well-being. Soft tissue therapy can prevent serious injury, reduce blood pressure and promote better health.

You do not need to have an injury to need a massage, maybe you just need time for you!


·         Sports Massage

·         Deep tissue Massage

·         Rehabilitation/ Remedial Massage

·         Hot and Cold Stones Massage

·         Stress Relief/ Relaxation Massage

·         Manual Lymphatic Drainage


I have worked as a Sports Therapist at Relief Chiropractic, the London Marathon, in-house for local businesses and at the Cambridge Cancer Help Centre.

Treatment room based in Barrington